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Meet the Coaches



Joanna Horine

Joanna is the Owner of Splits Gym. She is also the Head Team Coach. Her two daughters, Danielle and Courtney, are also Team Coaches, and 3 of her grandchildren are on Team. You can always find Joanna at the gym encouraging the kids to do their best and "point those toes".


Toni Barnhart

Toni teaches our Mommy & Me classes. One of her daughters is also a Level 6 Team competitor. Toni has plenty of experience with the little ones, as she is a retired daycare provider, and she also works in the WV school system. 


Malaika Ndifang

Malaika teaches the evening recreation classes. Malaika began at Splits as a student and grew into a Coach.


Ashly Nunamaker

Ashly teaches the daytime recreation classes, in addition to being the Head Pre-Team Coach, and Assistant Level 2 Team Coach. She also has a young daughter on Pre-Team. 


Sam Hicks

Sam comes back to us every Summer to help with various recreation classes, and she is also the Summer Camp Director, and a Level 4-6 Team Coach. When she is not at home in Boonsboro at the Gym, she is expanding her horizons at Salisbury University. Sam began as a student here at Splits and grew into a Coach.


Danielle Horine

Danielle is the Head Level 2 Team Coach, and Assistant Level 3 Team Coach. All three of her daughters are on the Splits Gymnastics Team, so you can always find her at the gym.


Courtney Horine

Courtney is the Head Level 3 Team Coach, and Assistant Level 2 Team Coach, and the After School Program Director. 

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